How I want to discuss

I want to enable my audience to form their own opinions on political issues based on reliable information. In this way, I want to contribute to social discourse and broad participation in social processes. That is why I would like to have a dialogue with you. Your feedback on my content is important to me. Discuss them. I appreciate your interest.

I will carefully check comments based on my guidelines to enable a meaningful debate and will give no guarantee on the publication of comments after I review them.

It is important to me that you feel comfortable and happy to join in a discussion and that no one feels excluded from the tone of the debate. That is why I moderate that the debates remain constructive and objective in tone, even if there are differences in content. 

Therefore, when writing a comment, please be guided by the following instructions:

  • Your contribution is constructive and relates to the topic of discussion.
  • Please give reasons for your opinion -especially if you disagree with other views.
  • Please remain polite
  • Please choose a tone that you would also use in a personal conversation – and in which you would like to be addressed yourself.
  • Do not provoke on a personal level, and do not allow yourself to be provoked.
  • Even if a topic raises tempers: Please remain calm and objective.

Make sure you have the rights to distribute the content they publish. Citations must be marked as such. If you quote from books, articles or poems, remember: these are also usually protected by copyright. Therefore, do not quote more than short excerpts – incidentally, for better readability. And only cite if you need the quotation as evidence for your statement. 

Take the time to reread your comment before sending it. Did I strike the right tone? Could my wording cause misunderstandings? Would I be interested in this comment myself? Is it relevant to the


I reserve the right not to activate comments or delete them on my social media accounts. The following rules apply: In our debates, discrimination and defamation of persons and groups have no place, especially not based on their religion, origin, nationality, physical condition, income, sexual identity, age or gender. Corresponding statements are not covered by freedom of expression.

Comments that are defamatory, insulting, pornographic or otherwise objectionable or even punishable or spread national socialist terminology will not be activated or deleted.

I delete suspicions, insinuations or theories that cannot be verified and are not support4ed by credible sources. However, I will delete them if they do not comply with these rules. If I leave links in comments: I am not responsible for the linked content.

Advertising or commercial content has no place on my accounts. You can refer to products on your blogs or websites. I will also delete these links if they violate these rules. 

Please do not post any election or party advertising. I will also delete calls for campaigns, demonstrations or petitions. I delete constant repetitions of the same content or spam. Please do not publish personal data such as addresses or telephone numbers – not of others, but also not of yourself. 

Comments that turn out to be false or untrue will be deleted afterwards. The lingua franca of my social media accounts is German or English.


As already mentioned, there is no entitlement to publication. Nor is there any claim to justification in the case of non-publication, especially if you violate the abovementioned rules.

Finally, I do not censor. Only a state and its institutions could do that. But I do exercise domestic authority on my pages. In doing so, I see it as my most important task to enable you to have a constructive discussion.


Users are responsible for the contributions they publish. I reserve the right to make changes and additions to the content of these guidelines.

Data protection notice: By posting a comment on social media accounts, you agree that your user name and the comment text may be quoted in whole or in excerpts.

Thank you very much!

I look forward to your active participation in our discussions and hope you enjoy the exchange of opinions!

Update: Mai 2022